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Halloween Hoedown
Oct 29th at 4pm

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Is it Halloween or a Hoedown?  We aren't really sure!

But either way it'll be fun for all!

Check out a few details about the activities below

Guess the weight of the Pumpkin.  

This bad boy has been at the garden slurping up soil nutients and sunshine for a months- and he's a beauty!  The official weigh in will be at the hoedown, so get your guesses in early at the party.  You don't want to miss out on this one!  But remember you have to be present to win:)

Just clowning around._edited.jpg
Reuse Costume Contest

Come dressed to the NINES (what the heck does that mean anyway?)  BUT remember, the costume has to be homeade from materials you have already, that you borrow or- you can thrift them. So forget store bought, get busy and get wild!  Prizes awarded!


What would halloween be if you don't get to whack open a pumpkin?

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