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From 2019 to 2023, San Leandro 2050 met and listened to residents to explore the question “What does the future of San Leandro look like to you?” 

We walked in neighborhoods, stood in parks, participated in community, church, city, and neighborhood gatherings, and even built a community garden space to create opportunities for conversation with residents of all walks of life.

In total, we hosted or were a part of 72 events and gathered 1000+  survey responses. As part of this process, we developed a neighborhood action plan. 

Based on our top-rated survey responses, we developed four project concepts. 

To build out the four project concepts, we held discussion groups with residents to ask more specific questions about what the projects should include.

Screenshot 2023-12-20 161238.png
Screenshot 2023-12-20 161719.png

These projects are guiding San Leandro 2050’s 5-Year Strategy:

San Leandro Emission Reduction Plan

Our vision for progress by 2030

Screenshot 2023-12-20 162252.png
Priority 1: Safe Biking and Walking for All 
GOAL: Build 30 percent of San Leandro’s protected bike network by 2030.
Screenshot 2023-12-20 162731.png
Priority 2: Affordable Housing 
GOAL: Goal: Work with partners to accelerate affordable housing nears jobs and transit.
Screenshot 2023-12-20 163124.png
Priority 3: Promote Community Connection
GOAL: Goal: Build a network of community resilience centers by 2030.
Screenshot 2023-12-20 163411.png
Priority 4: Electric Trucks for Better Air
GOAL: Convert half of San Leandro’s heavy duty, diesel powered trucks to electric options by 2030.

該項目的資金來自加州空氣資源委員會 灣區空氣質量管理區、地區和州級舉措,投入數十億的總量管制與交易資金,用於減少溫室氣體排放、增強經濟、改善公共衛生和環境——特別是在弱勢社區。

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