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for an equitable San Leandro.

What's at stake?

There’s no denying it: Like so many other communities, San Leandro is increasingly impacted by climate change. We have more frequent drought years and days of extreme heat than ever, increasing the risk of deadly wildfires. Meanwhile, sea-level rise causes flooding along the shoreline that threaten homes and important infrastructure like the wastewater treatment plant. The list goes on … and it’s only getting worse, as San Leandro’s 2017 climate hazard assessment predicts. Unless we reduce emissions that are causing all this trouble, the quality of life in our city will suffer.


For low-income and communities of color, the situation is even more dire. Already disproportionately suffering from pollution and related health problems, these residents have fewer or no resources to protect themselves and “weather the storm.”


Want to know more? Read more about the problem.

The good news:
There's a lot we can do.

Climate justice is social justice.

Reversing the causes of climate change is a daunting task, but it's also an opportunity to improve quality of life—not just for some but for all San Leandrans equitably. For example, fewer emissions from traffic & industry mean less asthma and other health issues, currently suffered most in less wealthy neighborhoods. New, climate-friendly industries can bring well paying, safe and secure jobs to minimum wage workers. We look to the federal Green New Deal resolution as a blueprint for how to fight climate change while strengthening the economy and social justice; based on its principles, we work to eliminate emissions causing climate change by 2050 and do so in a way that's just and benefits all. Read more about what we do.

We believe that real solutions to the Climate Crisis must involve the whole community. If we're going to protect San Leandro from the worst effects of climate change, we need all hands on deck — making sure all are heard and considered, especially economically disadvantaged community members. San Leandro already has a lot of what it takes to avert the risks of climate change and make our city healthier, safer, and more walkable, and beautiful for everyone. Our goal is to partner with residents, local government, businesses, and community organizations on solutions that empower everybody in San Leandro, and help make our city more liveable and loveable. We invite you to get involved!

We all play a role.
So, let's work together.

We need everybody at the table.

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