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Fighting climate change is a challenge we can only tackle together, and everybody has something to contribute.

In all we do, we want to reflect San Leandro’s diverse community and invite people of all ages, backgrounds and levels of experience to get involved. Help start a project or partnership, join the team, volunteer or just stay in the loop on what we’re up to.

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Attend an event: Join us for Garden Work Days, informative webinars focused on local solutions to climate change, and other events. More details on our calendar of events.

Invite us to talk to your group: Let us know if you’d like us to share what we’re working on with your neighborhood group, HOA, club, students or other constituents in a semi-formal presentation.

Suggest a project or partnership: Are you part of a business, nonprofit or other group working on local community issues? Do you have an idea for working together? Wondering if we can help find funding? Share your ideas.


Sponsor us: If you’re a business and like what we do, consider sponsoring us financially or in-kind by offering meeting space, refreshments for events etc.


Be an advisor: If you think your field of expertise (especially in accounting and legal) would be helpful for our work, we would love to add you to our list of as-needed advisors.

Join our team: If you can contribute time on a more regular basis and are interested in helping share strategy and plan activities, consider joining one of our program teams, the Steering Committee or Board of Directors. Contact us to learn more.

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