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Tree FAQ

More Shade, Cleaner Air!

If my neighborhood doesn’t qualify for an SL50 tree, how do I get one?


The City of San Leandro offers street trees for $100 per tree if your planting area does not need concrete removed.  If it does, the cost is $150  This includes the cost of the tree, planting and tree trimming on a 5 year cycle.


Which tree should I choose


Choose whichever tree appeals to you from the City's new trees list, comments from a few homeowners are below who have City Trees in front of their house.


Trident Maple, Patty, Cary Drive

My Tree was planted in 2003 and is large and beautiful today.  SInce it was planted, the tree has been trimmed 3 times by the City and has a great shape.  It provides an incredible amount of shade in the summer and is definitely the place to sit on a summer day. We let the leaves stay on the ground and rake them onto our garden beds.  This improves our soil, keeps the plants moist and cool and degrades into lovely compost for my garden! 


Red Flowering Horse-chestnut, Brenda Joaquin Ave

There are a lot of these trees on Joaquin Ave.  They look great and provide a lot of shade for the street; It's one of the reasons I was attracted me when we were house hunting!  We haven’t really done anything to maintain ours, their leaves are large and easy to rake.  We’ve enjoyed our tree and have had no problems with it.  

Brenda, Joaquin Ave


Crape Myrtle, Carolina, Tiffany Road

We love our new tree, and we would love more!


Trees are messy


Trees have leaves that drop, which some people don’t like, while some see a benefit.  The amount of “mess” created is dependent on the tree that you choose, but most of the tree choices in the city have been selected for easier maintenance and less drop of messy sticky berries or squishy fruits.  Leaf drop can be an opportunity to create mulch and compost, get outside for fresh air, and even get to know your neighbors better.  One of our tree owners has said that raking leaves in the front yard is one of the most social times on her street.  Neighbors chat as they walk their dog or do their morning stroll, keeping the neighborhood green AND friendly.  Read more here about the important benefits of fallen leaves.


How will my tree be maintained


The City trees were chosen because they grow well and don't require high maintenance in our climate.  The City is divided into twelve zones to provide for the trimming of all City trees every five years. The scheduling of tree trimming on an area basis results in a 60% increase in productivity ( saving your tax dollars) over trimming by individual request. The City trims young street trees to develop proper growth habits at an early stage. Older trees are trimmed depending upon the needs of the tree. Special requests are prioritized based upon the need and the urgency of the request, safety being the top concern 


Will I still be responsible for my sidewalk? 

If the tree raises or cracks the sidewalk significantly the CIty will split the cost of replacement with the homeowner 50/50

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