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Distinct Variation of Tree Coverage in San Leandro Neighborhoods found through Tree Study

Updated: Feb 2, 2021

San Leandro 2050 has done an analysis of the CIty Trees to understand how much Tree Coverage exists today across the CIty. Unfortunately, our findings indicate that the number of trees vary widely from neighborhood to neighborhood, creating fewer benefits from trees for the residents of the neighborhoods with less tree canopy.

Planting trees mitigates the impacts of climate change by providing shade, reducing the urban heat island effect, removing air pollution, and sequestering carbon. Additionally, trees are crucial to healthy physical, mental, and social well-being. The presence of trees can promote exercise and outdoor activity, reduce stress and other improve mental health issues.

Neighborhoods with significantly fewer trees, do not enjoy any of these benefits—a detriment to health and well-being.

To begin to address this concern, San Leandro 2050 is pleased to offer free trees to our impacted neighborhoods, under a grant from the State of California Air Resources Control Board. We have partnered with the City of San Leandro to plant City trees in the neighborhoods with low tree coverage to improve heat resistance, improve air quality, as well as providing other health benefits.

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