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Discussion Groups Underway

This summer, we invited San Leandro residents to discuss solutions to the negative health and environmental impacts of air pollution and climate change. The goal was to gain a better understanding of which projects community members most want to see implemented in their city. During the discussion groups, we presented four possible project scenarios:

  • Infrastructure for safe walking and biking,

  • Electrification of diesel trucks,

  • Community resilience centers, and

  • Affordable housing near transit.

Sneak peek at the preliminary results we gained: Similar to the previous outreach we conducted, safe walking and biking ranked as the most popular project. Next up, we are hosting the same discussion groups in Spanish and Cantonese. Even though our Cantonese sign-ups are full, the Spanish sign-ups are still open. We will provide food, drinks, and a $125 stipend check. If you are a Spanish-speaking resident in San Leandro and want to sign up, click here. Stay tuned for our next newsletter for more results!

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