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Fifty Trees for San Leandro!

SL2050’s first free tree campaign is complete! Fifty trees will be added to San Leandro neighborhoods with the lowest tree covers. Funded by a grant to SL2050 from the California Air Resources Board, these trees will provide many benefits to the environment, our city and its residents. Most of the trees will be planted by the City of San Leandro in front of residents homes in the street-side planting strip. Where needed, concrete cut-outs will be provided. We also donated half a dozen fruit trees for school gardens at elementary schools in the Floresta and Washington Manor neighborhoods. All trees will be planted during the current rainy season.

This project was done with support of the City of San Leandro’s Public Works Department and Sustainability Office, and the many residents who are adding trees to their homes to help make San Leandro more livable and lovable!

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