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Growth and Seasons: SL2050's Vibrant Community Garden

San Leandro 2050's community garden boasts 20 spacious beds that recently flourished with stunning summer crops. We cultivated towering 10-foot sunflowers, oversized zucchini, and squash (reaching up to 5 feet long), juicy tomatoes, crisp cucumbers, and more. As winter takes hold, our focus shifts to growing kale, broccoli, cauliflower, cold-weather greens and lettuce.

Before the onset of winter, we allocated specific garden bed areas to individuals, whether full or half beds. Each person responsible for their designated portion, or the entire bed, ensured it met the required standards, allowing ample space for plant growth, maintaining proper watering, and performing necessary maintenance. Now, we've introduced a new element to our garden bed organization. We have implemented shared garden beds accessible to everyone. After extensive evaluation, people found it advantageous to divide both the responsibilities and the benefits of the garden by sharing a bed.

If you would like to participate in growing vegetables at the garden, please email us at

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