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We Continue To Work With Students

Extending our investment in student voice

Young individuals in San Leandro actively contribute to our efforts in initiating discussions about climate change and implementing solutions. Since August 2020, San Leandro 2050 has maintained an ongoing paid internship program involving high school students. This summer, we had three interns: Ashley Vazquez, Alicia Leung, and Hassy Flores. They assisted in facilitating our English focus groups , expanding our social media presence, distributing flyers, and participating in community events, among other tasks. While Ashley has now taken on a role as a lifeguard at the Hayward Plunge, Alicia and Hassy extended their internship with us.

Alicia and Hassy continue to play crucial roles in organizing outreach events, utilizing their native Spanish and Cantonese language skills. In addition, we welcomed Lin Li and Syndel Gonzalez Rebolloso to our team. We deeply appreciate the hard work and dedication of our interns, as they have significantly improved our outreach to the Spanish and Cantonese speaking communities in San Leandro.

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