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7 Solution-Centered Climate Change Articles from 2022

It’s easy to get a sinking feeling of overwhelm if you try stay current about climate change news. And it can be hard to find coverage that doesn’t dwell on doom and gloom, worst-case scenarios, calamitously extreme weather, and impossibly polarized politics.

It’s enough to make you want to run and hide from the headlines.

We’re all about solutions here at San Leandro 2050 — solutions that are rooted in community, informed by a diversity of voices, and centered on improving quality of life and climate resilience for all.

With those values in mind, here are some of our favorite solution-oriented articles on climate change from the past year. Read on, get informed, and start the new year feeling hopeful about the difference you can make, right here in your community, with other climate change-makers.

Inside Climate News


The White House

Office of Gov. Gavin Newsom

Next City


Inside Climate News

Have you come across any solution-centered articles on climate change lately?

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Your support powers climate solutions in San Leandro that are rooted in community to improve quality of life for all.

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